Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Oh snap, so this is still here, huh?

I rarely draw fanart but Mass Effect 2 currently owns my soul, so I can't really say no...

Mildly spoileriffic! Shep-shep momentarily sad when her BFF Garrus has his face shot off from a gunship. Boo-urns! So then she nukes it to hell and back and then everything's awwwwwwwite.

Also, baby's first render. Learning me some Maya. Slowly but surely.

Aaaaaaaand I don't think I ever posted the Princess Mononoke prop commission I finished back in October/Novemeber.

The client wanted San's gear from Princess Mononoke: mask w/ ears, bead necklace, crystal necklace, dagger. I hit a few snags in fabrication (natch) but it all worked out in the end and she looked fantastic. It was super fun to do and San's gear had been on my list of stuff to make eventually. A+++++++ WOULD MAKE AGAIN.

Materials went something like this: Fiberglass, fiberglass resin, epoxy resin, sintra, microsuede fabric, suede cord, plastic vintage beads, blue melting quartz crystal, half a tube of E6000, and a few other things. Krylon's satin clear coat has the most delightful texture when dry. I love it!

Working on another commission for a palm-sized watch-necklace thing. I'll post pictures of that soon enough.

If you don't think this song is the greatest song ever... I will fight you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stuff and things!

Messing around with the wet edges option in Photoshop. Painted all on one layer. First is about 20 minutes or something, second is... No idea. Need more figure practice.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


His alias is Mr. Dmitri Garsides though his real name if GASP!UNKNOWN. Derp! Rare antique & artifact collector. He's another character from the robot & sky pirate's universe I've been working on building. The pirate works for him occasionally, finding delightfully rare treasures. Garsides is quite hairy.

Textures used are from I enjoy textures. Lots!


Monday, August 24, 2009


In progress! Drawing fueled by Mars Volta and loads of coffee. Derp! Been working on this on and off for a few days. Missing a few adjustment layers/extra goodies in it. I suck at backgrounds and it looks overworked with all the layers on. Ew.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm redesigning my site. Only this time it's going to be awesome because I've outsourced the coding to a friend who does that stuff on a daily basis. :D

I made my own damask pattern for that. <3 damask! I took pictures of some copper piping I had and chopped them together in Photoshop rather than making the frame for real-real. It was quite enjoyable, so I think I might explore that kind of photochoppery more.

Also been working on some digital paintings. Nothing too good. Screen shot progress of one of them. Something I may finish actually homahgawd. A silly interpretation of Freya, the Norse goddess of AWESOME and METAL. Sweet guitar riffs, bro.

brb going to stop ragnarok

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Needs more jean short-shorts.

I hate drawing in Photoshop. My linework is horrible and jittery because I have shaky hands. I haven't found a setting to fix that so it's paint in photoshop only. D:<

Thus, man-butt painting. Not the best but I desperately need more figure practice. Drawn from a random photo in my anatomy stock. Worked on and off 3-4 hours while watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon. 'Cause Detective Munch is THA BEST.

He's a nevernude.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crowbars are for geeky scientists.

I'm gearing up to take prop commissions again. For real real! Not for play play. I took a couple pictures of the most presentable pieces and collaged them as examples of how I roll. UNF! Older stuff is towards the end.

I've been obsessed with Half-Life recently. I got my hands on a papercraft pattern for Gordon Freeman's HEV suit from Half-Life 2. I started making it for kicks. It'll look pretty horrible on me even if it's scaled (short & stumpy lady /= Gordon) so I don't know if it'll go to the resin & fiberglass stage but... We'll see.

For anyone with knowledge of 3D programs! You can make papercraft patterns out of files from 3D programs and then print & build them for serious. The software Pepakura Designer has a free trial but its save and export functions are locked unless you fork out the 38 bucks. Cool stuff though.

Great job, Gordon! Throwing that switch and all, I can see your MIT education really pays for itself.