Thursday, May 29, 2008


Haven't posted anything for a while. So you know what time it is? FILLER TIME (Not to be confused with Miller Time)...

I make props and costumes and stuff. Yeah, I play dress up. Wanna make something of it? Don't cross me, man. I've got handful of vertebrae and a headful of mad.

Seriously though. Sewing is a total pain, but--oh man--do I enjoy the prop making. I absolutely love to play with the toxic stuff. Fiberglass, resins, plastics, THEY ARE ALL FUN. So! Here's summadat. (Only the best ones, of course)

First off, a full "metal" arm with an extendable blade. Made of heat-shaped ABS plastic, a thermoplastic called Wonderflex, and epoxy putty.

The blade part extends with a fishing line ripcord. That's fancy-speak for PULL THIS STRING WOOLOOKATDATGO.

I can't find any good picture of the 5' fiberglass sword, spaulders, and fauld I made so let's pretend you were utterly amazed by it.

And here's the miscellaneous stuff. Things I've sewn, things I've assembled, and some wacky visceral things I made when I was feeling surly.

Hopefully something less of a cop out next time.