Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm attacking the darkness!


I've been busy with work and by the time I get home I have no motivation to do anything. But that's how it's supposed to go, right? ...Eeeeeyugh.

I haven't been idle though! Seriously, I do stuff! I'm doing some prop/costume work with an April-May deadline, and I pretty much finished a sculpt of a talisman today. Ok, maybe not "finished" but "got to a decent shape where I can cast it." I've run out of RTV silicone so until I get some more I'm at a stand still with this particular part. But anyway, this is what you get!

Eventually it'll be cast in red translucent epoxy, the base sprayed gunmetal, and if all goes well, have an LED rigged inside so it'll light up. Gotta make 4 of these suckers.

This is actually the third or fourth sculpt for this thing. I like sculpting a lot, but I'm pretty bad at it so I don't do it too often, hurr. It probably was the worst route for this kind of prop since I want it to look machined/not lumpy/etc but, uh... Oh well! I can sand out imperfections in the final casts? I've got plan Bs and Cs incase of irreparable suckitude.

MAH TOOLZ. Nathan gave me a sweet pick set for Christmas, which came in super handy for this. It's also a decent set of weapons too if you wanna get in any knife fights. Derp.

Also, enjoy the ridiculous color palette so far. Moleskin ftw!