Sunday, April 27, 2008

He bleeds energy.

Something was reading my mind earlier today. "Oh, I'd like to draw. But I'd much rather play this MMORPG." Half an hour later the internet cut out. LIKE A SIGN FROM THE HEAVENS.

I only recently learned the pen tool in Photoshop. I can do everything in Flash but it's just somethnig you should probably learn, right? It's handy. Granted this would've taken me 1/10th the time in Flash but it was a nice experiment.

All pen tool and some circle marquee-filled-with-color and brush for the OMGGLOW. I don't think Photoshop 5.5 has a circle shape tool... Unless I'm not looking hard enough. I got excited and went overboard on the glowy. I don't know what was going on here. I did everything overkill but it was fun nonetheless.

Warrick running at full steam--OR FULL AETHER HURR HURR. I think he's probably gonna end up being a stop motion puppet in the animation. I have the perfect idea on how to set up the tubes and tank. ... I think.

Plastic parts and glue, doing everything I can do to build the robots

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Skullcrusher Mountain!

So I broke out good old Photoshop 5.5 and doodled for a bit. It's been a while since I straight up drew in Photoshop. I have shaky overlapping lines and I use Flash to correct my icky line problem (loves me some 50% smoothing) but that's just being the delightful cop out that I am.

I've been listening to this Jonathan Coulton song "Skullcrusher Mountain" for the past few days. I love it! My goal is to build a secret compound on a mountain just so I can make this my theme song. I lie. ....Or do I? It's a love song about an evil genius and their crush being held against their will at said genius's complex on--GUESS WHERE--Skullcrusher Mountain. :D So this was inspired by some of the lyrics:

You know it isn't easy living here on Skullcrusher Mountain
Maybe you could cut me just a little slack
Would it kill you to be civil?

So I drew my super villain alter ego. She's getting out of a chair to be like OMG I POINT @ U!!1! Pardon the crap anatomy. She was outfitted on the fly as well. Half finished lineart right now. I'm gonna try and color it eventually. ...Keywords try and eventually.

If you could find some way to be
A little bit less afraid of me
You’d see the voices that control me from inside my head
Say I shouldn’t kill you yet

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, well, well! I made an art journal. I hate the word "blog" so this is a journal. JOURNAL. Good? Good.

My name is Alfhild. I'm a level 12 dwarf berserker with a +5 Great Axe--waaaaait... I told myself I wouldn't put down my D&D stats here...


My name is Shannon and I'm a superhero. And an artist. Animator! I'm not much of an illustrator, more like a character designer but I'm gonna work on that. I work with everything. More specifically Flash, pencil and paper, cut paper animated in the round, fiberglass, resin, thermoplastics, insulation foam, acrylic, etc. Basically a jack-of-all-trades, master of one... Hopefully. I make costumes and props as well but that's for another post.

I guess I made this because I'm just crawling out of an 8 month creative void and I want to share. Apparently I decided to grow a rare tumor at some point, and spent 6 months in nervous breakdown land after being told my voice would pretty much be reduced to a hoarse whisper because of it. I named said tumor Charles. He was removed in February and ended up being something completely different from what the surgeons thought. By some freak chance, it lit up on all the scans when it shouldn't have. Go figure.

So! I have my voice, and I have some sweet nerve damage, a freak eye, and egg beaters where my hands should be, but I am GOOD TO GO! Oh. Also? I photoshopped a top hat, monocle, and mustache on pictures of the tumor. I may post those...

But to start... Have some of the preliminary designs for an upcoming animation about an airship pilot named Ginny VanLande and her automaton Warrick. MORE ON THAT LATER.

I like ending posts with random quotes, aka FLAVOR TEXT (hi M:TG cards!) This art journal? NO EXCEPTION.

And that's why I don't like cricket.