Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Needs more jean short-shorts.

I hate drawing in Photoshop. My linework is horrible and jittery because I have shaky hands. I haven't found a setting to fix that so it's paint in photoshop only. D:<

Thus, man-butt painting. Not the best but I desperately need more figure practice. Drawn from a random photo in my anatomy stock. Worked on and off 3-4 hours while watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon. 'Cause Detective Munch is THA BEST.

He's a nevernude.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crowbars are for geeky scientists.

I'm gearing up to take prop commissions again. For real real! Not for play play. I took a couple pictures of the most presentable pieces and collaged them as examples of how I roll. UNF! Older stuff is towards the end.

I've been obsessed with Half-Life recently. I got my hands on a papercraft pattern for Gordon Freeman's HEV suit from Half-Life 2. I started making it for kicks. It'll look pretty horrible on me even if it's scaled (short & stumpy lady /= Gordon) so I don't know if it'll go to the resin & fiberglass stage but... We'll see.

For anyone with knowledge of 3D programs! You can make papercraft patterns out of files from 3D programs and then print & build them for serious. The software Pepakura Designer has a free trial but its save and export functions are locked unless you fork out the 38 bucks. Cool stuff though.

Great job, Gordon! Throwing that switch and all, I can see your MIT education really pays for itself.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


IT'S A POST! IT'S A POST! I never posted the results of the whole mold/cast/wear saga I was working on a few months ago. I'm going to take decent pictures of it eventually, but here's something in the meantime. Photo by Kuroki.

All the hardware is sintra and cast epoxy resin. Software is moleskin, some cotton lyrcra, brown stretch vinyl, and god only knows what for the cape. I got my hands on some Rustoleum "hammered" black spray paint for the spaulders. The hammered paint creates a really nice texture. Starting another project soon with a huge scythe. Over-sized props are the best!

I've been working more on the sky pirate animation I rambled about so long ago. Script in progress and a character animation/style test in underway.

I really need a new scanner... But have some concept sketches.