Saturday, December 6, 2008


I think my PC's video card is fried which is kind of a huge pain because my baby's using obsolete AGP cards. I... Might want to build a new computer... But my 6 year-old PC runs fine otherwise <3<3<3 Drawing that comic on my Crapintosh--I mean Mactop--was painful. Flash is as fast as a dead squirrel and the damn thing is not compatible with my scanner or printer, and basically sucks in general. (I am very anti-mac if you couldn't tell.)

brb cleaving things with axe in a fit of rage

Dodged a bullet! Found and tested some old parts, and the monitor's on the fritz! Not the video card! I'm never too good with Occam's Razor. TIME FOR A SWEET NEW MONITOR.

Excellent plan, Simmons! Invite 'em to dinner and shoot 'em in the back! Classic holiday "gotcha!"