Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hurf durf

"Oh, airship parts can fuel a decent fire. How lovely! " VanLande takes a seat on her scavenged armchair, opens her novel, and flips to the page she left off at--page eighty-five. "Warrick, when you're done collecting the ship's engine, please brew me a cup of tea. I am parched, my friend, dreadfully thirsty!"

Quick and crappy sketch of a possible scenario for the film. It'll make sense later when it's not a bunch of lines, hurr. Gonna flesh it out in Photoshop or something, that's the plan.

VanLande remains calm when she crashes ships. Warrick, however, does not. And usually ends up leaking coolant everywhere...

Spider Jerusalem: cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend.

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