Sunday, June 8, 2008


More sketchbook stuff. Most of these were done from August to February. Posting this makes me feel... Kind of uneasy. My anatomy is terrible. Aaaand as fearful as I am of being called out on my crappy anatomy... By all means, please do.

I need to find more naked people to draw, dangit.

First up: VANLANDE AND HER TINY HEAD. I laughed when i scanned this in. Terrible. This was the first fleshed-out drawing of her. Also, she's no longer sporting some crappy generic ray gun. She'll have a pistol and a cane. Doesn't really use the pistol but she'll cane you to death good and proper.

That's the flying/I'm-trying-hard-to-show-off outfit, next is her regular lounge about wardrobe.
Cue random drawings. Mostly of a stock character I've got. And wouldn't you know it, she's a berserker. Lulz.

Still got quite a few more sketches up my sleeves. Hopefully some newer stuff that I won't get all "omfgeeeergh D:" when I post. Hopefully I can get around to that before my new video card comes. Once I boot up Mass Effect, I'll probably be gone for a while, haha.

It's not my trick, Michael. .........It's my ILLUSION!

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