Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm going to a party in a few weeks. It's on a boat and it's PIRATE THEMED!

Awesome, right? So what did I decide to do? SKY PIRATE. ... On a boat in the water.... Yes. Of course. With a touch o' the steampunk flair thrust upon it somehow. Here's a thing. Of my costume. Pose was referenced. In a perfect world I'd make this stuff and have that sweet leather bolero jacket but I have like, 2 weeks to pull this off. Maaaaaybe not.

I'm playing around with textures. Uh, clearly. Ignore the throw-away background and wood stuff. Just wanted to test it out style-wise.

Sewing leather without an awl is a terrible, horrible experience. This is why i can't have nice things.

What do rich Pokemon wear?

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Anonymous said...

miyazaki's castle in the sky has some cool sky pirates. Maybe you should check them out and see if you like anything. ^^