Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I can now say that I make award-winning props and costumes. Pretty rad, right?

so i herd u herd taht i liek dressing up. Well, I do. Remember the sword I said I was working on and all? I lugged that around in costume this past weekend at Otakon in Baltimore.

If you've ever read/watched Claymore then this'd look familiar, but if not just remember that I'm dressed up as the most badass character from the series, okay? Hurr hurr.

It was a mildly epic weekend. I placed second in the Journeyman in Friday's costume competition. I also played temporary booth babe/promoter for Funimation, the company that acquired the distribution rights to Claymore.

LOOKIT THEM BOOTH BABES. Carloyn (left) and I were asked by the brand manager of Funimation to hang around the booth and do some promo work for the show. We did a 5 minute interview for their site, got lots of pictures, and exchanged cards with them. I didn't get anything out of it except a free DVD of the show but damnit, they have my card.

Also, these are some of the people I roomed with. They are phenomenal and my head almost exploded with all the Mighty Boosh quotes flying around the room.

It was a good weekend in all... Minus the flight back. Remind me never to fly AirTran again. The past couple times have been shite service and organization.

I'm open for prop commissions, preferably weaponry and such as I'd rather not start out trying to fit armour for people I can't readily measure. I don't want you guys to look stupid in my gear, duh. Although I could make some exceptions...

I'm itching to make something new now that this project is done.

So he says to me, 'You wanna be a baaaaad guy?' And I say yeah, baby! I wanna be bad! I SAYS, SURF'S UP SPACE PONIES! I'M MAKING GRAVY WITHOUT THE LUMPS! Aaaaaa-hahahahaha!

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