Friday, July 24, 2009

Crowbars are for geeky scientists.

I'm gearing up to take prop commissions again. For real real! Not for play play. I took a couple pictures of the most presentable pieces and collaged them as examples of how I roll. UNF! Older stuff is towards the end.

I've been obsessed with Half-Life recently. I got my hands on a papercraft pattern for Gordon Freeman's HEV suit from Half-Life 2. I started making it for kicks. It'll look pretty horrible on me even if it's scaled (short & stumpy lady /= Gordon) so I don't know if it'll go to the resin & fiberglass stage but... We'll see.

For anyone with knowledge of 3D programs! You can make papercraft patterns out of files from 3D programs and then print & build them for serious. The software Pepakura Designer has a free trial but its save and export functions are locked unless you fork out the 38 bucks. Cool stuff though.

Great job, Gordon! Throwing that switch and all, I can see your MIT education really pays for itself.

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